Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Rant about Justin Timberlake as an SNL Host

This was originally posted on a friend's Facebook but I deleted it because who am I to begrudge his sketch interests. There is from some reason a popular belief that Justin Timberlake is a great SNL host, when in actuality he is not only NOT great he is bad, way bad. Now the rant:

"Even if he was at one point funny, which is debatable, the fact that people keep on telling him that he is, has made him incredibly grating to watch. He can't make it through a sketch without smirking to the camera as if to say, "Can you believe all the silly things I'm doing right? Aren't I playing against type?" The fact is he isn't playing against type anymore because he does the exact same thing once a year. This is exactly the type he is and plays into.

This must stop. America needs to demand more from JT at this point. The more we let him believe he is funny, the less likely he will be to sing songs again.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zooey Deschanel Tries To Act Like A Person: Starring her giant engagement ring

Here is a video...

1. She is so pretty
2. She is completely incapable of acting like a regular casual human being
3. I didn't know Ben Gibbard had giant diamond ring money
4. Her songs don't need to be altered at all to be appropriate for a little kids movie
5. I imagine whimsical animation surrounds her at all times
6. She is so pretty.

A One Screenshot Top Chef Recap: Finale

I have touched on this before but the winner of a reality competition is often a battle of conflicting validities. The winner either confirms that the show is an accurate judge of talent or that the show is an accurate creator of talent.

If Mike won that would mean that Top Chef is valid in its ability to take the person who wasn’t the best and help him grow to be.

If Richard won that would mean Top Chef All-Stars is a valid way of determining whom is the best chef.

Oh, before I forget, Richard won!

Last night, Richard did everything I previously hated about him but I’m still certain he should have won. Naming a restaurant “Tongue & Cheek” is just so obvious it should have been named “Tongue & Cheek & On The Nose”. Add in the fact that he started the meal by stating the obvious pun of his Amuse,“Oyster & Pearls”, which is made worse because its not even his own pun. Thomas Keller has been serving a dish under that name for decades, including the time when Richard worked for him.

Richard’s hokey explanations and somewhat unoriginal originality aside, his food last night was probably the most thoroughly conceptualized in the history of the show. On you can watch the extended judge’s table and it is incredibly revealing:

“This guy’s a star.” And that is really it. As I said a zillion weeks ago, the previous winners (meaning the actual winners save Hosea & Kevin and the chefs that have succeeded in real life) deserved it because of an exceptional focus and a clear perspective, Richard was the only chef this season that had that.

Now the question is where does Richard rank all-time?

Here is a list of everyone else who could be in the running for top 5: Michael V, Brian V, Hung, Stephanie, Harold, Kevin Gillespie, Ilan

Based on how they performed on the show only, I think he ends up 2nd between the brothers. But the real test is to see where they are in five years when everyone’s real restaurants can be looked at.

How was the season overall?

Considering that this was its 8th season, I would say it was fantastic. Last season was such a snooze and this effectively breathed new life into the franchise. Hopefully, they were able to stock pile talent and next season will be as good as Las Vegas. Either way…

BRING ON TOP CHEF MASTERS! Let’s go Floyd Cordoz!

This shot was nice