Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mi Manifesto

So I started a blog. This blog. The one you are reading at this very second (like right that second you read the word “second” – minds officially blown). I have blogged before for a short period of time at but then I had to stop because I started to get paid very little to write for the premier online tween girl magazine Then I had to quit that job for reasons I will not discuss. But now a year later I started a blog. This blog…
My biggest concern in starting a blog was that people would think I was being a narcissistic (yes I am aware that thinking people would spend time actively thinking of my narcissism, is the exceedingly narcissistic). This problem was solved when I had a friend tell me I should blog. No longer am I the guy who thinks people would like to read my random thoughts - I am a guy who knows there is at least one person who does (his name is Dawson).
So now that the narcissism hurdle has been handedly cleared I can write this blog. It is the writing that is really most important, more than the others reading it (no offense). I have thoughts/theories in my brain that I have thought/theorized for years now that I must put down on paper (or whatever the internet equivalent is). You as the a reader will get to read these thought, though most likely you will skim because that’s what I’d do if I was you. I would like to warn you:

1. There will be a lot of words. I spend a lot of time thinking of subjects, the result is a lot of scribblings. I know this is hard in an age of twitter and four-word reviews, so do what you need to do.
2. My grammar is going to get progressively better. I haven’t written in over a year, so please cut me some slack.
3. As the sub-title of the blog suggest, I state opinion as fact. I say things like “I Love LA” is the definitive song of Los Angeles without at reason to back me up. I feel like I accurately tap into the collective unconscious, however I am mostly bullshitting.
4. As of this second, the blog has no specific focus just the de rigueur pop culture musings one would expect. If this changes, I will keep you in the loop.
5. I will probably refer to my blog in my everyday conversations. I will start talking to a madam or fellow about this, that, and/or the other and be like, “hey fellow/madam, I address a similar subject in my blog” – at this point they would stop listening while I tell them the address. I am exceedingly aware of how annoying this is, but I am 103% sure that I will do this, often. Sorry ahead of time.

If no one (other than Dawson) reads the blog, I will probably be ok. I will say that I wanted to be able to tell my kids that I was a definitive version of a Millennial. Having a blog is our version of our parents dropping acid at a Nixon protest.

So without further ado, the blog I have been writing about for about 549 words…

P.S. The title of this article is a reference to this very awesome Boy Meets World episode...

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