Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Friday, October 22, 2010

NBC's Thursday Night Line-up POWER RANKINGS: Week 5

This Week: 30 Rock>The Office>Community

Let's go to the big board...

1) Community
2) 30 Rock
3) The Office
4) Outsourced still exists for some reason

Strong showings all around last night. 30 Rock was definitely the best, however even in a less funny episode Community showed why it is currently the best comedy on TV.

Here are some scattered thoughts:

30 Rock: Last night showed their best episodes come out of an A story involving Liz and Jack. They are the only two characters on the show that have a real emotional undercurrent to their relationship.

30 Rock: These episodes demand the supports step-up and carry an often ridiculous B story. I absolutely loved this week’s Jenna and Kenneth story because:

1) The bizarre sexual tension between these two characters is one of my favorite running jokes of the series.

2) Mr. Tina Fey’s score totally kicked ass. The music is the most underrated part of the show.

3) Kelsey Grammer. No show is better at using celebrity cameos.

The Office: A lot of my favorite episodes are the ones when Michael is actually good at his job. Last night was no exception.

The Office: “So she said, ‘That’s the biggest penis I’ve ever seen!’” And just when you think, “Really, a dick joke? And I said, ‘I know, that’s why I brought you to the Penis Museum, where tickets are one thousand dollars!”” Hands down funniest joke of the night.

The Office: This season they FINALLY changed the open credits, to more seamlessly incorporate Ed Helms. I am totally for the move but why the hell is BJ Novak still in the credits? He has become one of the least important characters in the series. I am aware he executive produces but that is no excuse.

The Office: Speaking of Helms, they are really leaning on Andy’s character hard this season. He is getting embarrassed as much as Michael used to, yet he is smart enough to realize. :(

The Office: The frog song at end justified an otherwise weak Andy-centered B story.

Community: I did not love the extreme meta-ness portion of the episode. I liked how it allowed the show to very metally (made up word!) poke fun at its own meta-ness. Still, it was a bit much considering how much of the episode it took up.

Community: Though this was definitely not the season’s funniest episode it was still very impressive. Having a Shirley A story and Pierce B story is damn ambitious. Though Shirley is still the shows least funny character, this episode shows she can still bring a great deal of emotional weight. Pierce who usually operates in the laughed at instead of with category also had a strong episode in terms of character development.

Its ability to have any character carry an episode is what separates Community apart from the rest of the pack*. The shows writers have effectively created a Universe, in which it is fun to view it from all perspectives.

Consider how Britta and Jeff were used this week. Regardless of would-they-won’t-theyness, they are the shows primarily leads plot-wise, yet they were mostly relegated to the background for most the episode. The B story was primarily about Pierce reconciling his self-concept with being old; however, it also revealed both Britta and eventually Jeff accepting their roles as parents of the group.

Regardless, to the victors go the spoils:

* I also think Parks & Recreation did this last.

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