Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remember When Alternative Rock Existed?

Here is a chart:

This is a slide from a large study done by Edison Research on radio listening habits of America's youth. Other than revealing that for some reason kids still listen to radio, it presented the above chart.

They are trying to suggest that kids these days are listening to more Top 40 radio than before. I focus instead on the Alternative Rock numbers. The number was cut in half, which if my suspicions about numbers are correct, is a lot. Why?

Because Alternative Rock does not exist really. Over the last 10 years Alternative Rock proved it was very much not the alternative to something else, it was the something else. The bands that birthed the genre, like Nirvana, if existed today would be considered "Indie Rock." So the only thing left to call Alternative Rock are shitty post-grunge bands. Nickelback was THE Alt-Rock band of the last 10 years and sadly Kings of Leon seems poised to be the same for the next 10.

But really who care about traditional radio. It is damn amazing that it has lasted this long. We have the Internet now, you guys, do we still need the radio?

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