Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A One Screenshot Top Chef Recap: Week 5

There is a lot of debate (no there's not) about whether this episode will remembered as the one where Tom actually cooked or the one where a room full of Chinese families made fun of the cheftestants.

Considering that I have eaten and shortly worked at his restaurants, I did not need to see his skills validated, I am aware he is an actual top chef*. Not to mention that he had a huge advantage of having plenty of time beforehand to know what he wanted to cook.

So the episode was more about these idiots inability to make dim sum. Like they did in episode 3, the chefs should have considered the venue and appealed to its standards. Grand Harmony is a cart-based dim sum house, which means more than anything (including flavor) it demands volume. If the customers featured on the show were regulars of Grand Harmony, than I imagine they are used to premade/re-heated fascimiles of the dim sum greatest hits. Thus, the screenshot above is as much mocking the food for being overly fussy as it is implying it is bad.

The idea of chef's gussying up dim sum sounds delicious yet save Asian Dale and hangs-out-with-Asians Angelo's dishes, everything seemed like as Tom put it "a waste of calories." filmed an event for this year's New York Food & Wine Festival called Dim Sum Disco, in which top asian-cooking chefs of New York made their takes on dim sum. This is how it is done.

* I am also aware that "top chef" is not a term that anyone used to talk about anyone before this show.

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