Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A One Screenshot Top Chef Recap: Week 6

For a show rife with product placement, none has ever been as ebulliently sold as last night’s 10 minute commercial for fishing*. Seriously, has anyone ever had as much fun ever as these 12 had on their little boats?

I wrote a few weeks back about how arresting it was to see the overwhelming cordialness of the contests this season. This episode seemed to kick it up a notch (food catchphrases, natch), as they looked like a bunch of idiots on vacation, not reality show competitors cooking for their lives.

Apparently, most of the cheftestants view the season as exactly that, a vacation. Save crazy Jen, if you watch most of the Exit Interviews it is clear that a lot of these chefs came on not to win but to have fun and do the show in the right way. White Tiffani more than anyone else made it known from the get-go that she just wanted to show that she has grown-up**.

I for one am glad that the season was not reduced to a cooking version of the Real Word/Road Rules challenge, packed with attention starved, emotionally stunted, jerkstores clinging to the limelight like flies to a light-light. That being said, next week is Restaurant Wars, so this feeling might all go to hell in a produce basket (sponsored by Whole Foods).

*Though Blais seemed to really enjoy saying “…we jump in our Toyoto Siennas and head out,” as if it is a normal human thing to say the full brand name of one’s vehicle every time you go somewhere.

**There is something to be said about the need to go on TV to show the world how mature you have become instead of just being more mature that is kind of iffy. I think baby steps are still applauded considering how dragon-like she was once.

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