Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A One Screenshot Top Chef Recap: Week 9

First, let me apologize, I watched last week’s episode on a plane flying back from NY. I did not have the gustiness to knock out a recap after what ended up being 10 hours of travel. Either way, that was last week, which was a good episode, and this is this week, which also was a good episode.

There was one clear winner this episode; no, not Carla who was so off-the-wall bonkers that I am starting to worry she is actually severely bi-polar. Also, it should be noted that Carla is so good at what she does and nothing else that she should resign from the competition already and just open up a “Contemporary” Soul Food Kitchen in Washington, DC called Hoot that sells $18 Fried Chicken and $20 Shrimp & Grits.

I guess the picture makes it obvious but Jimmy Fallon was the winner! He was just so damn nice and human. All week the blog press was about how Fallon had a hard time filming the judges’ table because he could not keep a straight face. When the winners came in he wanted to scream congrats and when the losers approached he wanted to apologize.

The picture above is from when Fabio was walking out the room, and Jimmy looked physically shaken, especially compared to Padma and her “I think this is how normal people show sadness” face. After 100 or so tables, it has become old hat for Tom, Gail, and Padma so it is nice to have some one on their that can act as a proxy for us common-folk.

And if there is anything Jimmy Fallon shines at it is acting as a proxy for his audience. I was always a defender of Fallon on Late Night; I even went on the limb of Tweeting as much in the first week of the show. Now that the show has really found its voice (largely do to A.D. Miles a.k.a. the fellow with the snarkiest quote of the night, comparing Black Tiffany’s chicken & dumplings to tortilla soup), it is great to see the masses get behind him. He is definitely on a path to be the next Tonight Show host, and after the events of last year, it might be nice to have some in the seat with such a history of politeness not a history of being a pirate who collects classic cars.

I digress, after generally a season of great challenges it seems like next week the show is going to be replaced by a 45 minute commercial for Target.

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