Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fox Thursday Line-Up: take 2

If my blog was incredibly SEO friendly for only one thing it would Fox's Thursday Line-Up. I feel bad because I never ever write about it (save this similar post).

Anyway, I want to be friendly to those who stumble upon this so currently Fox's Thursday night looks like this:

American Idol 8:00-9:00

Bones 9:00-10:00

I have not watched Bones yet and I haven't seen the last five seasons or so of AI (Rubban Studdar 4 Lyf ya'll, amiright). Though, I did hear that one of the contestants is cheating this year by getting blood transfusions before episode to boost his energy and soulfulness, dawg (is that guy still a judge?).

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