Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A One Screenshot Top Chef Recap: Week 13

There were two quick fires last night on Top Chef (amiright).

What was so fun about the second one (the first was actually quite dull thanks to Hosea’s pointless face) was that it totally ruined the “big twist.” “Cook for Royalty” is not a Top Chef challenge so obviously there was going to be a surprise. We eventually learned it wasn’t a man-servant flanked Duke but just a humble dancing King (I can't decide if I think this felt racist) and everyone shrugged like, “I guess that’s a thing.” The Chefs didn’t even ape shock. That was until they realized besides being run down that kitchen was completely unsafe. And then, BAM!...

All the food is damaged so we get to see what happens when the chefs cook knowing exactly what the classic TC left-turn is going to be. The result was completely revealing about each contestants personalities:

Antonio: Is not necessarily a thoughtful chef so when given time to over-think or second-guess herself it goes poorly.

(black) Tiffany: Has so few tricks in her bag that she is completely incapable to doing anything different the second time.

Carla: She is so absorbed with this concept of “cooking my food” that she fails to adapt to situations even when they are presented plainly in front of her.

Blais: Is an artist and over the course of this season it has been made clear he is crazy like one. Personally, I like Richard a lot more now that I know he is a self-doubting, obsessive lunatic then before when I thought he was a cold, scientific chef. He is incapable of cooking the same thing twice because he thinks everything is awful. He is incredibly knowledgeable and creative but, this being a single elimination competition, he is playing with fire (that's 2!).

Mike: Is a kitchen rat, who has worked for a lot of artistic chefs. This means that he understands how to execute complex seeming food but does not have a huge urge to constantly create. Last night was obviously a dish he knew was going to want to make so he was able to take the redo to just make it better.

Mike deserved to win and Carla deserved to lose. Tiffany also deserved to lose. Antonio also deserved to lose. Blais deserves to beat Mike.

However, Things do not always go as they should just ask Jennifer’s angry face.

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