Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Passing Opinion Off As Fact Since 2009

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A One Screenshot Top Chef Recap: Week 15

Padma: “Remember this?”

Come on! For a show not necessarily known for it’s subtlety, last night will go down in the on the nose record books. To set up the twist in the first half by saying there is going to be at twist inside this envelope was bad enough but to cut away to commercial with the reveal of the envelope, then spend the DVR-buster on just the reveal of the envelope, and to finally come back from commercial with the reveal of the envelope was unbelievable. It was like an SNL skit making fun of Top Chef's fabricated tension. And all of this for Antonia to read a red letter that said, “There will be one more challenge to determine who claims the last spot in the finale.”

Seriously!?! Tom couldn’t have just said that? Obviously, that is what was happening. That might as well have been written ON the envelope and inside there would be actual instructions. Come on!

“There will be one more challenge to determine who claims the last spot in the finale.”

BUSHLEAGUE! This isn’t the first season of Work of Art, you guys won a damn Emmy!

That being said, what a great idea! A three-person finale never really worked, as only two people would actually perform up to par. So instead of rewarding a person just because they didn’t cook the worst dish, this created as much of a competition for that last spot as there was for the first.

It also was nicely portrayed as a competition for who was going to lose to Richard. Really, this entire season has building up to that fact and everyone is on board: the chefs, the judges, the fans. Richard’s story of redemption is much more compelling than any of these other suckers somehow squeaking out a win.

I will admit I wasn’t a Richard fan in his season - I thought he was overly whimsical and derivative – but my tune has changed to a tuneful tune. Primarily, it is because he has conveyed a real sense of self as an artist unlike he had before and unlike almost any of the chefs on the show ever have. Secondly, like an artist, he has showed he is a real nut-job. And as my zillion posts about Kanye reflect, I love artistic crazy people.

So he better win. If he doesn’t its going to be real weird, like if Sleepless in Seattle ended with Meg Ryan having a sensible wedding with Bill Paxton/Pullman.

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